New Roofing System Contractors Sacramento

New Roofing System Contractors Sacramento

Top Quality Materials

Showtime Roofing Contractors Sacramento

roofing contractors sacramentoShowtime Roofing Contractors Sacramento proudly serve the industry in roof systems for new constructions for well over two decades now. Property managers, building owners and architects are provided with Showtime Roofing’s best expertise and top customer service.

Each and every roof system or building envelope is unique, and therefore every client needs to be presented with custom tailored solutions that perfectly suit their needs and available budgets. When the architecture of a building is extremely complex, Showtime Roofing contractors Sacramento will always review the drawings/ schemes and architect master plans prior to finalizing them. This is a guarantee that will you be able to make a safe long term investment in a quality roofing system.

Roofing Contractors Sacramento Quality Materials

It is quintessential to work only with high quality materials in order to obtain a construction that respects all the best standards. Therefore, Showtime Roofing contracts only with such manufacturers who are leaders in the industry.

Showtime Roofing prioritizes your needs, but will always try to tailor the master plans accordingly with your preferences. After all, a roof is something necessary and functional but it also must respect the rules of aesthetics, and reflect your particular design tastes.

Showtime Roofing specializes inthe installation of the following roofing type:

  • Single-ply roofing- the best technology which offers the client freedom of choice in the performance, appearance and design of the product.
  • SPF- Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof system- provides full adherence and perfect thermal insulation and water resistance.
  • BUR- Built –up- Roofs – an extremely reliable and practical roof building method which has been always used with great success. This type of roofing is especially used for the coverage of flat surfaces.
  • Tile Roofing- roof system that besides being extremely effective, allows for the creation of beautiful patterns and designs. Depending on the type of tiles (stone, slate, ceramic, etc.) that are used, some manufacturers even offer “lifetime warranty” for their products.
  • Shingle Roofing- generally recommended for roofs with sloping sides. For residential roofing applications, the most commonly used type of shingles, are the fiberglass-based asphalt shingles.
  • Garden Roofs and Green Roofing- Staying environmentally conscious and combining function and beauty are also among the high standard goals of Showtime Roofing.

Showtime Roofing Contractors Sacramento always identifies all the

investment considerations when it comes to new commercial roof construction:

The general maintenance requirements- Besides calculating the initial construction budget, it is important to remember that at every 10 or 15 years maintenance work is needed (such as an updated coating for the roof system).

Regulatory compliance- Showtime Roofing Contractors Sacramento respects all the standard rules, regulations and general business requirements. Such a key requirement is the California Title 24 regulation, according to which rooftop coatings with high reflectivity are extremely efficient. The total energy costs of the building are effectively reduced thanks to the cool rooftops, and the roof surface temperature can be reduced even by up to 80%.

Long-term possible threats and hazards (such as solar radiation exposure, extreme weather conditions, etc.)

Life-cycle costs- determination of the effective life span of a roofing system is top priority for Showtime Roofing Contractors Sacramento experts. It is not only the initial investment that “counts” when you select a roof for your commercial building. All of the factors need to be considered, such as total energy consumption, future maintenance & repairs, or costs for removal and disposal when the life span of the roof is completed.

Technical considerations- often times, a commercial roofing system must respect certain fire resistance requirements, or yet another technical detail is when the owner/ manager desire that the roof has a certain color coating.

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